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Options, Features, and Benefits of the Top-Rated Video Doorbell Camera

A video doorbell camera is a great home security option and addition to your home security camera system!

We’ve shared a lot of information lately about home security camera systems, including the immense popularity of video doorbell cameras. Video doorbell cameras have become a must-have home security option for homeowners because of their many benefits. Most people don’t realize that one of the most frequently used entry points in a home robbery or home invasion is the front door. In this blog, we cover front door camera options, features, benefits, and advice when installing a doorbell camera. We also answer how a doorbell camera works to prevent home break-ins.

When combined with an alarm system and home automation, these affordable high tech cameras provide increased security, convenience, awareness, and family safety. Our customers enjoy seeing who comes to their door when deliveries are made, if they have missed a visitor and whether it’s a friend or stranger ringing the doorbell. They also enjoy using the video doorbell camera’s two-way clear voice feature to speak to visitors. But, how does a doorbell camera work specifically?

How Does a Wireless Doorbell Camera Work?

Our doorbell cameras use standard doorbell wiring and WI-FI to connect to our app. They come in either satin nickel(silver) or bronze. They are slim in width, attractive and easily fits where a standard doorbell would go. These door cameras have great video resolution, an adjustable sensitivity motion detection sensor that connects with our mobile app and includes clear two-way voice microphone and speaker. Using the mobile app and video doorbell, you can see and speak to visitors from your phone, laptop or tablet.

The ability to see and speak to visitors occurs even before they press the doorbell camera button. When the visitor uses the doorbell camera, the device sends a notification to your phone. At Alert 360, our camera doorbells also include a built-in adjustable motion sensor. This sensor sends alerts even if a visitor doesn’t press the doorbell button. Our doorbell camera with motion sensors helps detect who approaches your front door or property. The front door camera also can capture who might be stealing packages from your porch or garage area. Other capabilities of a doorbell camera include the ability to record and store video, review event history, take photos, and see a visitor at night, in full-color HD video. Doorbell cameras with night vision can be especially helpful in preventing vehicle break-ins.

Overall, our video camera doorbell helps you:

• Live Monitoring of your front door area in real-time
• Hear what’s happening and speak with 2-way audio
• Review day’s events while away
• Make your home smarter and safer
• Detect visitors to your property
• Prevent front-door and home break-ins

Video doorbell cameras have become a must-have home security option for homeowners because of their many benefits. Most people don’t realize that one of the most frequently used entry points in a home robbery or home invasion is the front door. In this blog, we cover front door camera options, features, benefits, and advice when installing a doorbell camera. We also answer how a doorbell camera works to prevent home break-ins. Allow access when combined with a security and home automation system.

If you also have a home security and automation system, you can see who’s visiting and then unlock the front door easily from a mobile app. This option is handy when children forget their keys or smart lock code, whether you are upstairs or at the office. The ability to comfortably give access to your home is handy and can apply to housecleaners, pet sitters, guests, or contractors.

Doorbell Camera Options

If you’re considering installing a doorbell camera as part of your home security system, you might have questions. Fortunately, doorbell cameras are an easy addition to home security or home automation system. At Alert 360, we offer doorbell cameras as part of our Door Command and Complete Smart Home security package specials. Specifically, we offer one of the top-rated options, the YALE keyless lock, and slimline video doorbell camera.

While most doorbell camera options are similar, the features and benefits of our video doorbell cameras are top selling points for homeowners.

Video Doorbell Camera Features

Most professionally installed doorbell cameras include features that make them easy to use and powerful tools for preventing home break-ins. At Alert 360, we work with leading security technology providers to offer some of the highest-rated security cameras. Our popular video doorbell cameras offer the following features:

• Available in up to HD 1080p resolution
• Motion sensor alerts
• Wide viewing angle
• Weatherproof and rainproof
• Wireless connection to complete home security and home automation
• 5x times zoom
• Rugged – works between -40 and 140 Fahrenheit
• Ability to turn off the doorbell chime from our app
• Option to snap photos of a visitor or porch thief with the touch of a button
• Alerts when important packages are delivered

With these features in mind, let’s explore the benefits of keeping an eye on your property using this security camera.

Benefits of Video Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are easy-to-install as part of your Alert 360 security and home automation system, they are convenient, and help you stay connected to your home and family. The installation location of a doorbell camera puts you front and center of your home. Whether you are away or upstairs and can’t get to the door, you can still see what’s happening. The top benefits of a front-door camera include:

• Easy integration to most existing home security and home automation systems
• Capturing high-quality, HD video
• Ability to speak and more easily screen visitors
• Knowing who visits even if they don’t press the doorbell camera
• Overall awareness and connection to your front door
• Front-door access convenience lets you allow in visitors even if you’re upstairs or at work
• Night-vision features help spotlight those who want to take advantage of the dark
• An increased line of security and defense against package thieves

Installing a Doorbell Camera or Security Camera System

There’s no doubt that our doorbell cameras are an easy and popular home security option for almost every home. Working with a top-rated home security company makes installing the doorbell camera easy. A home security provider also allows you to add to a security or home security camera system as your needs change. Professional security installers can integrate your outdoor security cameras to other home automation features as well, increasing overall home security. For example, when someone presses your doorbell camera, use your smart lighting and app to turn on a nearby light. Using your doorbell camera and home automation system creates the appearance the home is occupied.

Support from a Top-Rated Home Security Company

No matter your reason for wanting to install a doorbell camera, Alert 360 is available to help. With nearly 50 years of home security experience, we offer top-rated security cameras and a team to support you. And, our 24/7 security monitoring is there for you during an emergency or when you can’t get to the phone.

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