Home security options save time, money and peace of mind

If a goal for 2020 is to simplify your life, there’s good news. Your home security system can help! A smart home security system offers a multitude of ways to save time, money and peace of mind. It can lend a hand whether you’re a busy parent, traveling the world or living alone during your twilight years. With your Alert 360 security system’s Geo-Services, Scenes, security cameras, smart lighting or locks, and monitored detectors, it’s easy to simplify life. Bonus: These home security options reduce worry and keep loved ones safer.

Tips for using your home security system to make life simpler:

Use Alert 360 security system’s Geo-Services or “Geofencing” – Imagine if your house knew you were close to home and adjusted the lights and temperature. Would you find it helpful to receive a reminder if you left home without locking your front door or arming your security system?

Alert 360’s Geo-Services can help. Geo-Services are a location-based, smart home automation feature that uses your phone’s location to take useful actions on your behalf. These range from a simple notification to a real action, such as adjusting your thermostat or arming your security system.

When you reach a certain distance from home – defined by a “geo-fence” – Geo-Services will take action automatically. You have the ability to create your unique geo-fence in our Alert 360 app. With so much on our minds as we come and go, reminders or automatic actions help create a smoother start or end to our work and school days.

Geo-Services simplify your life by helping with routine, daily steps even when you have a gazillion things on your mind.

Set Alert 360’s Home Security “Scenes” – Our Alert 360 app “Scenes” give you the ability to adjust multiple, connected devices in your home, using a single command on your phone or tablet. Using existing “Scenes” or setting up your own lets you control your home security or smart home devices with a simple tap. This remote control saves you time and worry and makes routine parts of your day, safer, easier, or more comfortable.

Alert 360 includes preset Scenes of Home, Away, Sleep, and Wake Up as part of our app. However, based on your needs and routine, you’re free to set up Scenes that make sense to you. Your Scenes might include options such as Movie Night, Vacation, After School, or Weekend. Then, simply configure each Scene for a moment where you need to adjust several things at once.

Leaving home? Tap the ‘Away’ button and your security system arms and your front door locks. You might set it so that your garage door also closes and your thermostat adjusts to save energy. At bedtime, tap ‘Sleep’ to dial down your thermostat and turn off lights, while your house secures itself. Don’t forget the cool factor of one-tap control using your security system: Impress your spouse with a date night Scene, where you adjust lighting and turn on some dance-worthy tunes.

These are just a few examples of how you might customize your “Scenes” to easily automate or control your home. For more details about using our Alert 360 app to set Scenes that work for you, visit our previous blog:

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Security system “Scenes” simplify your life by providing one-tap control of your total smart home.

Use home automation, smart devices to set schedules – Your smart devices, security system and home automation services allow you to “set it and forget it.” So that you don’t have to arrive to a quiet, dark home, use home automation to automatically turn on lights and your entertainment system at preset times. Set your smart thermostat to conserve energy while your family is away for the day. When you’re out of town, set a schedule for your sprinkler system to run. Automate smart lighting so that your home does not appear dark and unoccupied. Like Geo-Services, setting schedules helps add comfort and security without much effort on your part.

Home automation and smart devices simplify your life by allowing you to “set it and forget it.”

Make the most of your security notifications – Security alerts or push notifications that you set using our app help make your home and family safer. In addition to professional alarm monitoring, when you set security alerts, you don’t have to monitor your own system constantly but will be alerted if something is amiss. You can relax! For example, you have strict rules about pool use when you’re away. Simply set an alert to receive notification when the pool area is accessed. Notifications can be set for when kids arrive home, a gun safe is accessed or someone comes to your front door. If your home security system also includes home security cameras, you can view what’s happening when you receive an alert.

Alerts from your home security system help you relax and simplify your life, knowing you’ll be notified if something needs attention. Bonus: A monitored home security system also ensures emergency personnel will be alerted as well, so help arrives sooner.

Take advantage of smart lighting, locks – Similar to setting schedules, using Geo-Services or Alert 360’s Scenes, smart lighting, and locks offer tremendous convenience. What if a child forgot his keys? He can still get in using your smart lock. Your teenager is arriving home later than expected, use your Alert 360 app to turn on smart lighting inside or outside for a safer, brighter return. Someone unexpected visits your front porch, turn on a light to see more clearly who stopped by. When you’re away on vacation or are having remodeling done, allow access to house sitters or others from afar and ensure all is secure when they’ve left.

Security systems with smart lighting simplify your life by ensuring a safe, bright return home and making a home appear occupied. Security systems with smart locks add convenience and prevent worry.

Install home security cameras – This is a no brainer for helping to simplify your life and decrease stress. Home security cameras allow you to visually check in on pets, children, elderly parents and your property. We can’t be in two places at once. Being able to see what’s happening when you’re away delivers convenience and peace of mind. At Alert 360, some of our customers’ favorite uses for security cameras include seeing when children arrive home or who’s at the front door. They enjoy knowing when packages arrive or if anyone entered their properties during the day. Some home security customers enjoy seeing that elderly parents and pets are safe.

Home security cameras help simplify your life when you can see what’s happening at home. Security cameras also allow you to capture video clips for insurance or liability issues.

Install monitored water leak, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Some of the most costly and common insurance claims are related to water and fire damage. Homeowners with a security system can easily include monitored water, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for early awareness and help from emergency personnel. Along with a monitored home security system, installing these detection devices might provide a discount on your home insurance premium. In addition to the peace of mind, knowing you’ll be alerted to danger or damage, monitored security devices can save you costly repairs.

Monitored water leak, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help simplify your life by providing invaluable protection and one less thing to worry about.

Set it and Forget it, with Convenient Home Automation, Home Security

With a simple tap on our Alert 360 app or using our convenient home automation settings, you can simplify your days. Eliminate worry, automate lights and locks, ensure your home is secure and more, using your home security and home automation system. For more ways your home security system can save time, money, and worry – simplifying your life – visit our previous blogs:

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