The following article covers how the Alert 360 security app can help keep you safe during these times.

Alert 360 home security systems and security system mobile app can be a source of great comfort and peace of mind. A home security system, with a mobile app function, can also provide convenience and an extra hand while you’re at home. The following are the most common ways homeowners with a home security system use their service to stay safe, comfortable and connected while home or away.

Use home security “Scenes” to control home functions

With the Alert 360 mobile app, you can set custom “Scenes.” These Scenes allow you to control routine and multiple functions around your home from your phone, laptop or Apple watch – with one tap. An example of a custom Scene you might use would be turning lights off, locking doors and arming your security system at bedtime.

There are numerous ways to set custom Scenes that make the most sense for your family, routine and situation. It’s just one more way your home security system can make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable. For additional tips on using Alert 360’s home security Scenes, review our blog “Use Home Security App Scenes to Automate Security.”

Check that doors are locked from anywhere

Whether you’re running to the store or settling in for a nap and want to check if your house is secure, your mobile app can help. If your home security system includes keyless entry or smart locks, you can check or control them using your mobile app.

You can also use your mobile feature to arm or disarm your home security system, from almost anywhere. The great thing about this function is that it can be used from inside your home or when you’re away from home.

See who’s at the door using doorbell security cameras

Today’s doorbell cameras provide an extra layer of security at your front door. At Alert 360, our top-rated doorbell cameras include two-way voice and notifications. This means you’ll be alerted when someone is at the front door and can speak to them from afar. You can also use the doorbell camera along with your security system’s smart lock and arm/disarm app functions to remotely allow in approved visitors.

Know when important deliveries arrive at your front door

Another feature of your front door security camera is the ability to see when deliveries arrive. As with most of the features of your home security system, this works whether you are home or not. For all the features and benefits of our video doorbell camera, check out our past blog:

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Ensure that children are safe using security cameras, alerts

We can’t be everywhere at once. Sometimes remote office work or other tasks require we be away from our family members. Home security cameras and push notifications to help you stay aware and connected. Your home security system most likely includes an option to receive an alert when a door or sensitive area is accessed. You can also ensure you receive an alert if a security camera picks up activity or an unusual event. Following are our other blogs, with more information on using your home security cameras and system:

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Use home automation to create a comfortable home environment

Our homes are our sanctuaries. Today’s leading home security systems include home automation options that help adjust lighting, temperature, sound systems and more. These features and remote-control options are available whether you use Alert 360 Scenes or simply adjust a smart device using your mobile app.

Take advantage of connected, smart devices

During the installation of your home security system or anytime, our technicians can help integrate or install several smart devices. These devices include the Rachio smart sprinkler, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home, and Sonos wireless speakers. Integrating your home security system with these devices increases the comfort, convenience, and security of your total smart home.

More Information for Using Home Security Features, Benefits

As a leading home security company, at Alert 360, we understand all the ways our home security and home automation systems can lend a hand and keep you safe. We know that there are many ways our customers use their security system’s smart features even while at home. For more tips on getting the most out of your home security system and its features, we recommend these helpful blogs:

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If you also have a business security system, these features are useful when you need to be away or your business is closed. Security cameras help view the inside and outside of your business, and remote access can allow approved personnel entry. The ability to control your smart thermostat also can help save energy costs when you’re not operating your business. Smart lighting that you remotely control or automate helps protect your business as well.

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