Popular Home Security Devices for Your Gift List

The holidays are hectic enough without having to add worry about your family or home’s security. At Alert 360, we like to keep things simple when it comes to home security. While the technology we use behind the scenes is complex, our customers can easily manage their home and business security and automation systems with the tap of a mobile app. We can also help make thoughtful gift-giving simple, with security devices that give back all year long. Fortunately, most security devices and alarm systems also help pay for themselves through potential discounts on home insurance premiums and by avoiding property damage.

Smartest Gift Combination: Smart Locks and our new 2.0 Video Doorbell Camera with Smart Video Analytics

We know that security cameras increase the benefits of a home or business security system by providing clearer notifications and visual awareness. Using smart locks also goes a long way in easily securing your home, loved ones, or business. Using a combination of smart locks and video verification, you can allow packages to be delivered inside, confirming the delivery and re-arming your system once it’s done. Smart locks also are convenient for houseguests or helping older children who come and go. Include the gift of smart locks and security cameras for yourself or your family this season and enjoy the benefits all year!

Video Doorbell Cameras Top Gift List

As a full-service security company, we do all the heavy lifting. We provide security evaluations, professional installation, and service. We also work with leading technology providers to offer the latest home security and home automation devices. To help make your holiday gift-giving even easier, we’ve come up with a list of the most popular home security system devices for this time of year. If you or a loved one already have a basic home or business security system, the following security devices are simple add-ons and thoughtful gifts:

• HD video doorbell cameras
• Smart locks
• Monitored smoke detectors
• Monitored carbon monoxide detectors
• Medical pendants
• Monitored water leak detectors

Deliver the Best Holiday Gift: Secure Package Delivery

This time of year especially, we encourage keeping a better eye on your front door with a video doorbell. A recent survey found that Americans lost more than $5.4 million in stolen packages over the past year. At Alert 360, we offer the latest in security camera technology to help combat porch pirates who steal packages.

Our latest video doorbell provides the added benefit of video analytics. This allows home or business owners to immediately detect a person’s presence (not an animal or passerby). This same camera detection capability allows you to know when an important package is delivered. It also helps identify unusual activity or unwanted visitors who case your neighborhood.

There’s a bonus benefit to video doorbells. Not only do they alert you to someone approaching the property, but you can also avoid answering the door when you just don’t feel like it. Our HD video doorbell includes two-way voice. So, whether you’re occupied with a chore or are avoiding company, you can let visitors know you can’t come to the door. In the case of a package delivery, you can provide instructions where you’d like the package left so that it’s secure. A combination of a doorbell camera and smart locks offers additional options and convenience.

Home Security that Saves Lives, Protects Pets

Thoughtful gift-giving also can include monitored security and life safety devices. For starters, every home should have a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors. Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors provide early detection and alert emergency dispatchers and families to dangerous situations. These monitored security devices save lives year-round but are especially critical during the colder months and holidays. Fireplaces, heaters, candles, generators, and holiday cooking all pose hazards. Professionally installed and monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors protect your home or business even if you’re away. At Alert 360, our U.S.-based alarm monitoring center provides award-winning monitoring and ensures help is on the way even if you can’t be there or get to your phone.

Security Cameras, Monitored Detectors, Medical Pendants Protect Elderly, Pets

Security cameras and monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors provide protection for the most vulnerable – from children and elderly parents to our pets. Monitored medical pendants ensure that help is available when you can’t be there. Water leak detectors also provide added protection for your property and help avoid costly damage. The best gift we can give ourselves or others is peace of mind, and security cameras, and monitored life safety devices deliver that.

Holiday, Gift-giving Home Security Packages on Sale

Professionally installed security systems and monthly monitoring are more affordable than ever, and security devices are available to fit every holiday gift budget. New security devices, such as security cameras, medical pendants and monitored smoke, carbon monoxide, or water leak detectors make unique gifts items that give back all year. For some of the best security system deals of the season, check with your local Alert 360 branch or here.

24/7, 365 Days of the Year Security for Loved Ones, Valuables

The Alert 360 team of more than 600+ security professionals work around the clock, every day of the year. With 50 years of experience providing some of the best security systems and services, we understand how important protecting loved ones, your home, and hard-earned valuables are.

In addition to the gift ideas shared above, Alert 360 offers wireless security systems; home automation devices; mobile app access; glass break and motion sensors; water leak detection devices; keyless entry; smart thermostats; remote garage door control; smart lighting; live video footage; recorded clips; indoor and outdoor cameras; doorbell cameras and professional-grade IP security cameras. Alert 360’s certified security technicians also provide professional integration of home automation devices, including sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Alert 360 continues to offer critical lifesaving security services amid COVID-19 concerns, with Limited-Touch consultation, service and installation. We’re here to help ensure the happiest, safest holidays for you and your family.

We’re also proud and humbled to be one of your highest-rated, best local security companies. Find an Alert 360 home and business security service location near you at Alert360.com.